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Welcome to Peter May Sports Massage
Sports and remedial massage is a deep massage treatment tailored to the individual. It loosens up tight muscles, breaks up adhesions in muscle fibres and generally focuses on restoring or maintaining the full functionality of muscles. Sports massage is not just for amateur or professional sports people. It is extremely successful in the treatment of any injury and can counteract muscular problems caused by sitting at a desk, driving a car, gardening and stress. Peter May Sports massage therapist

Sports massage can help:

  • scar tissue & fibrous adhesions
  • post injury rehabilitation
  • muscular tensions
  • stress
  • injury prevention

The benefits of sports massage:

  • improves joint flexibility relieves stress improves circulation promotes relaxation & well-being complements physiotherapy, osteopathy & chiropractic

Peter has been practising for over two years and holds numerous qualifications in massage techniques. Being a competitive runner for over 25 years he knows the importance of quality massage and the benefits it can provide. Peter offers a 7 day service with day and evening appointments available. In the first consultation Peter will provide an assessment of your issues and provide a customised plan to bring about a speedy recovery, this service is completely free of charge and without obligation.  

Let me introduce my specially formulated Runner’s Rub.
Like most athletes I’ve suffered my fair share of aches and pains due to my training. I became interested in the benefit of  regular massage using speciality rubs and oils. After a lot of experimentation, I decided to design my own oil – and it worked great for me. I was feeling the benefits and my body felt and performed better.

Peter May's Runner's Rub

I have been using my massage oil for 5 years and the samples I have given away at various running events were received so well I decided to market it to the wider athletic world. So welcome to Peter May’s Runner’s Rub. This is exact the same quality oil I use during the treatment sessions and can be ordered through the Contact Page. Prices are £7.99 for a 250ml bottle + £2.00 postage and packaging.

Peter May
Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Advanced Remedial Massage
Sports Massage Services

Peter practises at:

31 Back Lane
BD13 3QU
M: 07533 632537

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I am also the Therapist and Trainer to The Wibsey Warriors rugby club. Please click on the image below to see the full my sized flyer.

Therapist and trainer to The Wibsey Warriors rugby club