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Choosing a therapist is a daunting task, the best recommendations come from past and present clients. Have a browse through just a few testimonials that some of my clients have kindly submitted.

Highly recommended! I’m a professional pole and Aerial athlete, over the years iv’e sustained many injuries which have resulted in spending a small fortune on various physio’s and different types of massage therapists, but none of them have been able to fix me. I’ve had 6 session with Peter and the results are nothing but astonishing! my flexibility has increased tenfold my hamstrings are repaired and my shoulder no longer gives me any trouble. I CANNOT recommend Peter enough!
– Trixters Pole Fitness Academy
I am not normally one for praise but todays treatment with Peter was superb. Peter quickly puts you at ease with his frendly, confident manner and makes the process fully interactive. He has a determination to “find and fix” and £30 for an intensive hour it is amazing value for money. Specific treatment or just a pre race rub-down Peter is the man to see.
– Tony Hazell
I have visited Peter May for a massage and he is marvellous, he keeps me pain free for a long time and at eighty years old thats great stuff for me!!
– Stanley Clegg
I had been struggling with calf problems for nearly two years. After various lenghts of time not being able to run i would start the long battle back to fittness and racing only to break down yet again. Very frustrating. I went through the usual expensive visits to physios. They all proved to be a waste of time and money. I searched the internet for an answer and found articles like ; Calf Heart Attack ; which is a very good description of the problem. It gave stretches and suggested that a walk-run training plan was the answer. It helped but did not get rid of the injury. My calf muscles were taking turns to break down. Like we runners always have, i had an important race approaching fast in 16 days when i attended my first appointment with Peter May who is a fully qualified soft tissue sports massure. After telling Peter the history of my problem and asking him to please get me on the start line he got to work warming and loosening up my calfs. He informed me that in had 3 lumps of scar tissue between both calfs which were interfering with circulation and causing them to break down. Peter told me he was going to alternate between both calfs to slowly break down the scar tissue and restore circulation. This is not a painless procedure but i was impressed with Peters caring and informative approach to my problem. I only managed a couple of short runs over the next 6 days as Peter had to work very deep on my calfs. On that 6th day i had my second visit. Peter did a much lighter, loosening massage. The next day i was running and able to push off with both feet with no pain in the calfs. 4 days after that i ran a slow 10 miler and 2 days after that with my confidence fully restored in my calfs I managed a light speed session. 4 days after that i was on the start line and had no problems in my race. Thank you very much Peter May. I will now be booking regular visits to Peter to try and avoid injuries in the future.
– Gerry Bell. Bingley Harriers.
I met Peter by recommendation from another runner. I was training for the London marathon and the high mileage had caused ‘shin splints’ from the tightness of the calf muscles – I was at a complete standstill having to rest for two-three days after a run. Peter spent 6 weeks working on my legs on a weekly basis and within that time I was able to reduce the recovery between runs back to a more suitable 1rest/week. Not only did Peter get me back running I also made the start line at London. I now visit Peter once a month and have so far not had any further issues with the calf muscles. I would thoroughly recommend giving him a try.
James Wardman
I first visited Peter May on the recommendation of a fellow runner.  I had seen him at races and obtained samples/spot prizes of his fantastic ‘Runner’s Rub’ of which I am now a regular user. I had suffered for months with Achilles tendonitis and had been visiting a physio on a weekly basis for quite some time.  I was still experiencing some pain in my leg but had been discharged.  I contacted Peter and began paying regular visits for massage and advice.  Peter has a wealth of knowledge having been a runner for a lot of years and also training with rugby players and providing massage for them too.  I can honestly say that after very few sessions and following his advice I soon felt back to full fitness and able to resume full training. I now attend for massage once a month and find that this irons out any niggles early on. My motto is now ‘prevention is better than cure’!
I would not hesitate in recommending Peter ( and do at every opportunity!) to fellow runners, sports people etc.
– Julie Steele. Eccleshill Road Runners Club Captain

I have had regular sport massage from Peter May ( every 4 to 5 weeks usually) for over a year. After 20 years break from running, I decided to take up the sport again about 18 months ago, following retirement. The massages have helped to ease the muscular problems which were inevitable after such a long lay-off.
He takes a pride in helping his clients recover from knotted muscles & strains and helping them maintain fitness without seeking to exploit them through excessive charges.
Peter combines a very professional approach to his work with a relaxing home environment and I can confidently recommend his services.
– Peter Ellerton.

Peter was recommended to me by father in law after I pulled a hamstring.  Peter was able to tell me what the problem was and even what had caused it, a badly fitting pair of new trainers. After throwing away the trainers and approximately 4 massage sessions the injury was gone. I now have a monthly maintenance massage to keep me in tip-top shape and I am in training for the 2012 London Marathon.
Peter is a true professional and very thorough, he has now become a good friend.
I would not hesitate in recommending Peter and since the first consultation is free and without obligation, what have you got to lose?
– Kim James.

Peter May
Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Advanced Remedial Massage
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Peter practises at:

31 Back Lane
BD13 3QU
M: 07533 632537

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I am also the Therapist and Trainer to The Wibsey Warriors rugby club. Please click on the image below to see the full my sized flyer.

Therapist and trainer to The Wibsey Warriors rugby club